Every piece of my heart

still fall apart

when I just thought of that night

those moons and star.

It was winters

that you loved most

I also bought you, the chocolates

with the bunch of roses


Those roses still smell, fresh

but your love has given me scars

I still felt the fear

of losing you my star.

but then the night told me again

that you’re a shooting star.

You left me alone

in my darkest hour

when I need your support

It all falls apart

I broke and broke into parts

you came again and took my heart,

I try to make picture so bright,

joined all the parts

but my heart is still with you




The sun will shine


I know you are broken

Broken from the heart

Your soul is ripped

And body fall apart

Those cuts and wounds

Those scratches and scar’s

Told your story

My deep black star.

I know they hit you

They hit you hard

You can’t even walk

Feeling lost in the dark

Your eyes refuse to open

Hands are in pain so hard

Feeling thirsty for water

And push to start



Nobody will be there

Nobody was

You was alone

From the point you start

No matter how much it pains

No matter how much it cost

You need to stand up

You need to start

You gotta get up and start

For the reason you have started

Your not a broken star

You know can

You have to

And you will

Just awake your soul

And shine like a sun

Because my boy your big

Not a tinny little star


“Speed was in my veins, In my hands too

Winds were blowing on my face feels so good so true

I was having a call from my mom 10th time

just so say “Drive Safe Son”…”


Throughout all the days and night from past 22 years, I just had a continuous thought on my mind that I have, I have time.

Time to say “Maa I will make you proud”

“Dad your son will shine”, “Didi, Your monster will achieve those heights “, But I forgot life is not fair,

Like always, that night I was with me, me who was free from the boundary, worries, and questions about my past and future.

I didn’t really care about life till that time like I do now.


It was a great night with some friends and faces that I don’t even know but that’s strange how over a bear we all became one? and we are still unknown from half of our family from past many years. I think that’s Mumbai.

We all bossed, we all laughed, danced and party hard then that nightfall into the darkest hour, A beautiful would have woke up from sleep, went downstairs just to check am I home?

then she saw my room messed up? The fragrance of my best party spray was still there?

She called me While cleaning that mess,

I didn’t pick up while dancing restlessly

As every beat go high, She was worried more

A tear might have fallen on her pillow.

Then here eye might get dry like a seashore.


We left for home

That place was far

My speed was high

Like a shooting star

She called me again

But I was loving the pace

Then there comes,

The sharpest turn,

I lost my control

crashed and stunned

Indicators broke and my legs too

speedometers lights went off

and my eyes too.


she was calling me again

someone picked the call

she heard the siren of an ambulance and ran.


Yes, She

She was a art

A dark art, painted by life.

She was a dream

A dream of the sunny sky

But she had all the darkest night.

Her hairs 

Her hairs were black, sliky shine

But she tied up them, like they tied.

Her forehead

Her forehead was big

Big enough to let the beauty reside, but all she got was wrinkle and lie

Her eye lashesh

Her eyes lashesh were deep black dark

She wink with them like happy bride, but now she close the eyes just not to cry.

Her eyes

Her eyes were the, mirror of her life

She want it to be beautiful, but all she had was scratches and scar’s of life.

Even in the mirror you can see darker side

When she hide dark circle, with the make up vibe.

Her Cheek’s

Her Cheek’s should be chubby

Chubby and happy as here life, but the stones of life has taken it all and gave here a chin that was as sharp as knife.

Her lips

Her lips were the craft,

A craft of rose petals

Rose petals were fine

But here words became worse, so worse to kill you from inside

Her beautiful neck

Neck that makes a peacock shy

But that was no longer amazing because she needs to bow down after all she was a girl.



Yes, I am not addicted to any drug
Except you
Yes! you beautiful
Only you


Your Hair, Your Eyes, That one pretty dimple on the right side.
Your chubby chubby Chicks and red like Roses’ lips.
Your Blink or Wink and that favorite colour Pink,
Your just like a song, With a melody on high
Your the just like magic surprising and nice.

From the lovely mornings till deep dark nights
I just want to be standing by your sides.

Your quick quick mood swings
And anger on the tips of your small nose
Your long Long yawns
and sweetest smile like blossoming Rose.

In your sleepy sleepy voice
when you say
“baby hug me so tight”
My world goes upside down
And that’s the moment right?

When I can tell this world, that
Your the story
That I want to read
Every day and night
and don’t want it to be heard by anyone
Because, your mine right.




रेशमी फिर सुबह उठ के, अपने बाल सॅवारती है।

बिस्तर पे पड़े पैसों को, बटुए मैं डालती है।

रेशमा रसोई के राशन का जायज़ा लेती है।

फिर उधार के ख्याल से, उदास हो जाती है।

रानी अपने रात भर से भूखे बच्चे को, दूध पिलाती है।

रात के जाखमो के दर्द मे, फिर काहरती है।

आईना फिर वहीं तेज़ रफ़्तार सड़को को, खिड़की से देखती है।

उस अंधेरी रात को आज भी कोसती है।

पूजा आज भी हर श्याम को उस श्याम के नाम का दिया लगती है।

फिर भी वो रात हर बार अति है

जब रेशमी बालो मैं फूल लगाए हर रात आती है।

जब रेशमा उधर के ख्याल से चोक जाती है।

जब रानी अपने बच्चे को रोता छोड़ अति है।

आईना अपनी ज़िंदगी को कोसने अति है।

सब चमकीले से कपड़ो मैं  इन्तिज़ार करती है,

पाउडर, बिंदिया, काजल मैं छुपा बाजार करती है,

जानती है हवस के प्यासे घूमते है सारे आम सड़को पे, 

तभी वो हर रात खुद को नीलाम करती हैं।

मजबूरी शायद आबरू से ज्यादा प्यारी होगी उन्हें

क्योंकि साहब भूक के कारण यह व्यापार करती है।

।।अनमोल जैन।।