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I Don’t want to grow up

I was there sitting on a chair, drawing Scooby-Doo with a childhood tale on my head.         I started to sing, they shook me off and said “Be Mature, Act like your age”.                    That hit me straight in my head and I denied, they started treating me like insane.
That hurt me a lot and I thought, does age have anything to do with how we behave, act or react? Why are they forcing me to be a lot like them and none like me? Why they are all the same and still want to be different but do the same every day? Who are they to judge me, when I am living on my way?

I think I should be like them, have a big smile on face but with a black heart. Know their destination but don’t know where to start. Every morning they wake up same, carrying the scars of past. Have a bag full of worries accompanied till the stars? No matter if there is sun or beautiful moonlight, they are same like they were. They always wish for happiness but attract sad part. They know their role in the tale of a mediocre star.

But stop I want to smile, live and laugh from the heart, with my pocket full of happiness in the dark. Want to cry, fall and rise every day and night. Make them numb and let my dreams take the flight.

I have made my mind

Sing that song again this time louder.
Let them be mature.
I am happy and strong.

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The day bright, full of sunlight i took my shade and decided to hide. Hide my self from the light, be happy like sad and smile but fake then, I saw her my eyes stuck and heart sank. she was fearless, she was brave, she was quiet, she was free. that’s the beauty, beauty of her smile that’s just peace to see. I couldn’t write about how beautiful she was because all i could see was her mesmerizing smile and its beauty.

I went back to my mind how she is at peace, how come there is nothing stopping her from being free, how can she be so careless, how is she not bounded by negativity, how she is so pure and how come she is smiling?
While i live in the same world bounded by chains, depression, anger, hate, and guilt.

Just because of the question flaming inside i went and ask how come you are smiling and aren’t surrounded by negativity? she smiled again and said, things will happen and they have to. You need to breathe and smile because you have to.

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Lost Love

They were living a perfect love life.

She was there holding him tight

He was there to make all right

She was awake whole night

Waiting to hear his voice.

He was awake whole night

To complete his work and earn bugs, right?

She slept holding the phone

He slept while the laptop was on.

She woke him up at 8

He picked up the call and said he was getting late

Then as the day moved on

Both of them were busy in their lives

But, she texted him every time

Just to know if he was alright?

He was there fighting for time

Struggling to make her future secure

Give her a life, with No problems or worries on

He wanted to be like all heroes she liked

Give her everything she liked

They were living their lives

Like two parallel lines

They will meet but at infinite

To be there was a dream for her

For him, this was not the right time

He knew the pain and financial problems

She knew the loneliness and distance

Every time she saw his picture she cried

But he still tried to send some funny pics and made her smile

Then she read everything from his eyes.

Then as the dawn came

They could feel the warmth of love

Distances became less and just

Miss you, was not enough.

That’s the only time when they became alive

Talking from their heart

While mind kept aside

Tears fell on

They both cried

Promised each other

Will everything be alright?


That’s the only thing

That kept them alive.

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I was blank

When she entered into the class

For the very first time.

Blank page of my book

Started writing

Love songs

Every sight of her

Wrote a new line

Those blank pages

Never feels so right

We used to talk about

Classes and book

I was always lost

In her beautiful look

She noticed my blank face many time’s.

Those blank pages

Were no more white

Colored in the love for her

Getting deeper every night.

I told here

What I wrote

On the winter night

But she was blank

It’s was love

Only from my side.

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Love At First Sight

Like a dream, it was
When she came
Winter that year was strange and gray
Snow was raining but like a love spray
I saw you there for the first time
You were praying, in the church that night.

Your eyes were closed, but not mine
I had fallen for you at the first sight
I heard your wish in whispered words
The sweetest rhythm I have ever heard.

I witnessed a teardrop falling down
Holding out your blush for now
I just don’t know why
I don’t want you to cry
Just want to make you smile and say it’s alright.
Things will change
And the sun will shine
You will be the princess
With a diamond crown.

And then just like that
You slowly opened your eyes
Hiding your tears
In a beautiful fake smile
You went out of the church
Your car has arrived.

I came running
For one last sight
But your car has taken you away
That night.


I know you are not coming back
But I waited for you, whole night
Drawing your sketches
In the deep black sky.

Then came the morning
With the shining sky
Birds were singing the song like
The morning vibes
And prayer inside
Can’t take me away from last night

I get back to work
With the broom in my hands
Cleaning the floor
With you on my mind
I found a ring from
Where you were praying

I gave it to the father
And he has given me blessings.

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A smile is simply a reflection of your thoughts

But It became the most baffling thing to do when you have to fake it. When you have to hold out a mask of  unsaid thoughts and emotion those are very different from what is going inside your little heart. Who is beating and beating, just to make you realize that boss you are awake? Only then your mind suddenly plays as a devil’s advocate and say No! You’re not. Holding a heart that’s beating 72 times in a minute is not what you say is alive.
Where are you?
A spirit to love and live?
A dream to Explore and Excel?
A wish to wander and win?

Suddenly I came across a mirror and took a pause to find out what’s wrong? Where have I gotten myself into? Even the mask that I am wearing is now became my face. Those fake emotions became my character and I became the who is cheating even on him throughout the day and those days turned into weak and then years but why there is even a need for it?

These needs are gifted by my fear.
My fear of losing you.
My subconscious fear of failure?
My awe of being alone at the end.

Thus, I started customizing myself to the one whom you love the most. To the one who never fails. To the one who always prevails, but in the mean time I lost the whom who was precious who was intended to be the one not the crowd, but that little pure soul is killed and buried because of fears alone.
He lost the battle and happiness has gone.

Every part of me still crave for that smile
That simply connects the heart, head and eyes.

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Every piece of my heart

still fall apart

when I just thought of that night

those moons and star.

It was winters

that you loved most

I also bought you, the chocolates

with the bunch of roses


Those roses still smell, fresh

but your love has given me scars

I still felt the fear

of losing you my star.

but then the night told me again

that you’re a shooting star.

You left me alone

in my darkest hour

when I need your support

It all falls apart

I broke and broke into parts

you came again and took my heart,

I try to make picture so bright,

joined all the parts

but my heart is still with you




“Speed was in my veins, In my hands too

Winds were blowing on my face feels so good so true

I was having a call from my mom 10th time

just so say “Drive Safe Son”…”


Throughout all the days and night from past 22 years, I just had a continuous thought on my mind that I have, I have time.

Time to say “Maa I will make you proud”

“Dad your son will shine”, “Didi, Your monster will achieve those heights “, But I forgot life is not fair,

Like always, that night I was with me, me who was free from the boundary, worries, and questions about my past and future.

I didn’t really care about life till that time like I do now.


It was a great night with some friends and faces that I don’t even know but that’s strange how over a bear we all became one? and we are still unknown from half of our family from past many years. I think that’s Mumbai.

We all bossed, we all laughed, danced and party hard then that nightfall into the darkest hour, A beautiful would have woke up from sleep, went downstairs just to check am I home?

then she saw my room messed up? The fragrance of my best party spray was still there?

She called me While cleaning that mess,

I didn’t pick up while dancing restlessly

As every beat go high, She was worried more

A tear might have fallen on her pillow.

Then here eye might get dry like a seashore.


We left for home

That place was far

My speed was high

Like a shooting star

She called me again

But I was loving the pace

Then there comes,

The sharpest turn,

I lost my control

crashed and stunned

Indicators broke and my legs too

speedometers lights went off

and my eyes too.


she was calling me again

someone picked the call

she heard the siren of an ambulance and ran.

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Yes, She

She was a art

A dark art, painted by life.

She was a dream

A dream of the sunny sky

But she had all the darkest night.

Her hairs 

Her hairs were black, sliky shine

But she tied up them, like they tied.

Her forehead

Her forehead was big

Big enough to let the beauty reside, but all she got was wrinkle and lie

Her eye lashesh

Her eyes lashesh were deep black dark

She wink with them like happy bride, but now she close the eyes just not to cry.

Her eyes

Her eyes were the, mirror of her life

She want it to be beautiful, but all she had was scratches and scar’s of life.

Even in the mirror you can see darker side

When she hide dark circle, with the make up vibe.

Her Cheek’s

Her Cheek’s should be chubby

Chubby and happy as here life, but the stones of life has taken it all and gave here a chin that was as sharp as knife.

Her lips

Her lips were the craft,

A craft of rose petals

Rose petals were fine

But here words became worse, so worse to kill you from inside

Her beautiful neck

Neck that makes a peacock shy

But that was no longer amazing because she needs to bow down after all she was a girl.